MHC Schedule

MILE HIGH CLUB EXPERIENCEThe Mile High Club airplane seats about fifteen couples in adjoining seats. Privacy is somewhat limited but the tall seat backs block most everyones view.

We ask you to bring two towels for each person and use safer sex supplies.

The flights are bout an hour in length, longer than most couples can last.

Participants will be directed to the planes location and directed when to board and take your seats.

Everyone is required to be seats and seatbelts fastened until after takeoff. Once the airplane is at cruising altitude, the captain will turn off the seat belt sign and you are on your own for thirty minutes. At that point the captain will turn the plane back towards the airport and land.

Your inflight hostess will collect the miscellenaous items.

The cost is $250 per couple.

For our schedule, click here

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