No Refund Policy

Due to the uncertain nature of booking travel in advance, it is literally a crap shoot.

When you book a trip through Girl Friend Experience Travel, we require either full payment at the time of booking or a substantial deposit.

When you book your trip, GFE Travel immediate contacts it’s vendors and makes the necessary reservations for your trip. Most of the time, this requires our vendors to make deposits as well, especially when food is involved. Many times our vendor, who are completely legit is required to pay deposits in third world countries.

Also, our group sizes are very limited, for instance, a trip is booked for eight people out of Birmingham to Cancun Mexico. The cost of the jet, while not ridiculous, the individual cost is lowest when all the seats are filled. If a trip participant were to back out at the last minute, The per person cost for the airplane would go up twenty percent, as would the accommodations.

We know and understand that life happens and there are always unforeseeable problems.

For these reasons, we have adopted the policy of “NO REFUNDS.”

If you ask for your money back, money that we have collected and forwarded to our vendors, who in return have forwarded funds to their vendors, you would not be able to get it back anyway.

There here a saving grace – please see Travel Insurance Requirements.

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