Travel Insurance Requirement

Due to past events, GFE Travel has adopted a no refund policy as explained earlier.

Travel Insurance has been around for a very long time and it covers things you normally think about and things you may have never thought about.
A couple on one of our previous trips from Atlanta to Sedona AZ had a great time. As they packed up, the woman tripped over something and fell, dislocating a finger. Being in pain, she did not want to board the airplane for the three hour flight home so she opted to visit the local hospital.

The waiting room was full as usual. She explained to the receptionist she had a flight to catch and they did take her on back. A doctor sent her to x-ray, she got a pain shot, the finger was set and a metal split placed on her finger and she was out of there in 48 minutes! It just so happened her bill was $4,800.00. Well, it seemed to be reasonable that she could make the flight, until she hit the security line with a metal splint. She missed her flight.

IF there is something good that come from this was that her travel insurance paid the hospital bill and for his and her tickets due to missing the flight.

This is why we require each traveler to obtain a travel insurance policy.

One more extreme example, we do take many flights to Central America, usually when we use our jet(s), the airplane remains with the group. This past fault, there was a volcanic eruption that caused a panic. The airlines cancelled all inbound flights and were already book for their outbound flights. If our group had to rely on the airlines, they would not have gotten out. Thankfully, there was a brief warning and our people had no problems getting out. They lost half of their trip, but the trip insurance covered that as well.

It is a great deal!

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